Stream, Bog Garden & Small Wildlife Pond

A pond can be a long time planning, it can spring from a small fanciful idea and develop over time (sometimes years!) into a dream waterscape, designed for the clients enjoyment. So when our client in Stamford Peverell, Devon was ready they contacted us with their dream pond design.

Our client wished for a full aquatic ecosystem, a stream and bog garden for the best possible chance of attracting a diverse range of species to their garden as well as having their own private waterscape to enjoy.

Bogs  are often seen as unsightly messy and smelly areas, but they are quite the opposite!! They are fantastic for a variety of plants and aquatic critters to thrive in, bringing in a huge display of colour from various flowering species as well as inviting a huge array of flying and crawling insects not to mention the dazzling displays of damselflies and dragonflies dancing along the breeze!

Our client was set to give DU Waterscapes a challenge, a stream flowing up the garden rather than follow the natural gradient; we always endeavour to create the clients dream so with eager hands set about sculpting the garden to suit the design.

We crafted the stream and pond carefully, ensuring the seamless installation of this design and the stones were soon in place creating a lovely little backdrop. Stepping stones were added across the stream and a microfalls created (a spot the local Robin had decided to call his own!).

This gently meandering, babbling stream was transforming into a truly naturalistic water feature as the plants were bedded and the final touches put in place. A wonderful piece of artwork designed by nature, for nature.