The Aquatic Sanctuary

Wellington, Somerset 



Our new clients had dreamt of looking out at a pond from their conservatory, being able to gaze into crystal clear water at their fish and enjoy the wildlife that a naturalistic water feature would welcome.

Their reality was a small formal raised, bare liner pool with inadequate filtration and little to no wildlife. They found very little enjoyment with the current feature. There was a sentimental value to the fish in the pond too as they belonged to our clients late father, these fish were over 30 years old!

Enter DU Waterscapes! We had a very in depth consultation, speaking openly and honestly with the clients; their dream was entirely possible (to their surprise!) and we were more than happy to create this bespoke one-of-a-kind water feature, stream and a wetland filtration system.

With a near blank canvas to work with we set about in designing, building and ultimately creating a dream come true; who else can say their job brings people so much joy?! We love our jobs!

The clients wanted the pond to be deep with fish caves due to visiting Heron, this was incorporated into the design and lights were also added so as the clients could enjoy their pond even in the darkness of winter evenings, looking on from their warm conservatory. A truly special feeling of having a slice of nature all to yourself in those quiet moments when a robin hops in for a drink and a bath or watching the mesmerising movements of the Koi.