Restoration, Relining & Recreating!

Unfortunately, this was a perfect example of a poorly built pond, unsafe filtration system and sediment build up. A large lifeless formal pond in desperate need of some TLC.

During our consultation DU Waterscapes were notified that the pond rarely held water at the correct level, an alarming prospect considering there were fish and other critters relying on this water!

We got on the case immediately and relocated the plants and fish to our home away from home holding facilities, the sediment was disposed of (this stuff makes fantastic food for plants!)

The paving slabs were removed and power washed, giving them a new lease of life and a new filtration system was installed (remember safety first!)

During the consultation our client asked that a small cobbled feature be installed in the middle of the pond, in keeping with the formal layout, we added a little bubbler to animate the feature.

The plants were re-potted and the fish introduced to their new home!