Scheduled Pond & Water Feature Maintenance with our Very Important Pond Package.

DU Waterscapes have developed a package which encapsulates everything your pond ecosystem could need for a whole year all in one place. You don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of how a water feature works you can just sit back, relax and enjoy living the water gardening lifestyle.

It could be somewhat compared to having your very own pond butler, it includes a visit once a season (4 visits between March and Nov). In addition to having seasonal maintenance visits you will receive a water quality or clarity treatment at every visit, so say goodbye to worrying about algae or green water. We also offer a discount on other products and services if you become a member of the DU Waterscapes VIP community.

The premier service package includes:

Four Maintenance Service Visits (one per Season to commence March until Nov)

  1. Spring Wake Up Call (beneficial bacteria treatment)
  2. Mid-Summer Beautification (algae control treatment)
  3. Autumn Spruce & Netting* (treatment with bacteria or sludge buster)
  4. Winter Health Check (treatment with cold water bacteria)


- 4 visits (March – November)

Professional pond contractor treatment

Professional pond contractor treatment

- Netting service available in October*

- Winterisation service in November  

- Remove debris built up within the water feature

- Clean pumps and ensure functioning correctly

- Clean filtration system and ensure functioning correctly

- Inspection of  lights

- Inspect water feature for possible leaks

Broken UVC!

Broken UVC!

Water treatment applications

- Maintenance products every visit including algae control & beneficial  bacteria to ensure your ecosystem flourishes

- Service UVC units and replace bulb/s


Large aquatic weed pile

Water Feature Aesthetics

- Prune & removal of dead foliage

- Cover exposed liner

- Apply once a year fertiliser for your plants

Topical treatment needed for this fish

Topical treatment needed for this fish

Additional support for those troubling moments

-          Fish health check and advice on their wellbeing**

-          Water quality analysis (if appropriate)

-          Emergency call outs & water feature support


Please note that while the service package is designed to provide a large portion of your water features overall maintenance, to keep it looking its best all the time, some general homeowner maintenance may be required between visits.


What is not included in the VIP Seasonal Maintenance Package?

Any repair works and replacement of faulty equipment that need to be renewed as a result of the inspection. These can be purchased from DU Waterscapes at a reduced price along with products such as additional algae control.

DU Waterscapes will ensure to submit an estimate to the homeowner for approval prior for commencement of any repair works or replacement of faulty goods.

*nets available from DU Waterscapes at a reduced additional cost

**additional cost for fish medicine