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All ponds & water features need maintenance once in a while!

DU Waterscapes provides unique solutions for maintaining and servicing ponds & water features operating throughout Somerset, Avon, Devon, Wiltshire and Dorset.

Duck weed smothering a wildlife pond

Duck weed smothering a wildlife pond

We cover all types of water feature, from tiny back garden patio ponds to large wildlife lakes. We can tailor our maintenance programs to meet you and your water features’ specific needs. When Spring and Autumn approach, we can provide seasonal opening and closing services.

Seasonal Maintenance Package, this covers all the essentials and one visit each season to ensure you have a healthy aquatic ecosystem. This will maximise your enjoyment from the water feature as well as ensuring all wildlife thrive.

We are also available to deal with emergencies, repairs and unforeseen events which affect the performance of your pond, water features, fountains or filtration systems.

We are proud of our excellent customer service and our extensive experience in developing creative solutions to unique problems that each pond or water puts on us. From the initial design consultation to each seasonal maintenance visit, we are continually striving to provide a clear, efficient, communication and professional service on every project.

Getting down and dirty...

Overgrown & out of control wildlife pond

Overgrown & out of control wildlife pond

Cleaning out a pond can be a very messy task, draining all the water, trying to catch the fish, power washing all organic matter decaying along with the smelly fish faeces is not a job for the faint hearted and does not appeal to most. DU Waterscapes have all the correct and necessary equipment and of course the experience needed to efficiently and effectively clean your water feature, whilst not damaging the entire balance of your ecosystem.

If you are up for the challenge of cleaning this mucky project yourself then we say Crack on! You’ll need a power washer, a decent dirty water pump, some large tubs, small filtration unit or aeration unit for the fish and of course some wellies or waders!

*Face masks may be advised if it is your first time!*