Mini Fish Pond Restoration & Creation of Stepped Waterfall

Ponds, and the sound of water, are bliss, they are there to create a closer bond with nature and gardener. They should not be tiresome eyesores! This is what our clients initial thoughts of their pond were, a sad thing to hear from anyone!

DU Waterscapes got on the case immediately; our bespoke designs and artistic features caught their eye, they wanted to enjoy their feature – not hate it!

Sadly, due to several design faults the pond had deteriorated quickly and our initial thoughts were a complete overhaul – redesign and re-build. The poor pond was in desperate need of some TLC, something that had failed to be done in the past.

At the beginning of this project a full drain down and clean was advised to begin the rebuilding process and all the little critters and fish were moved to our holding facility (A little holiday for them!)

Our unique designs and rebuilding expertise gave this waterscape a facelift! Instead of being ‘just a hole in the ground’ we created a graduated effect and installed a more durable liner and the stone edges rebuilt.

During the rebuild our client asked if it was possible to create bird bathing areas; well, DU Waterscapes was more than happy to help the local wildlife with their personal hygiene and created a bespoke miniature waterfall with shallow pools- a little extra which the client was delighted with.

The clients were over the moon with the finished product, And DU Waterscapes thoroughly enjoyed bringing this little feature back to life.