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What to rule out first..

Leaks can be a worrying time for any pond or water feature owner, so we have devised a troubleshooting methodology to eliminate all other possibilities thus hopefully solving what needs repairing as quickly as possible.

We suggest starting with the most likely causes - leaky plumbing connections – check the filtration system, UVs, skimmers anything that you have that has water passing through it!

Check around the water falls, if these have been created with concrete, then has it cracked? Concrete actually wicks water so could this be causing the leak?

If you have ruled  out the above and you are still having a problem with the pond level then the odds are that you probably have a hole in your liner needing attention.

Not all hope is lost, you could have a low edge?

Simply start looking for any suspect low edges which could be wetter. Settling at the edge of the pond or water feature is one of the most common causes of a leak, especially in a new pond as everything relaxes into place.

Can be very small & difficult to locate

Can be very small & difficult to locate

Low edges could be anywhere around the pond but typically they are seen around the stream/ water fall areas where settling is likely to have occurred normally after a few heavy spells of rain.

Please be aware that settling is only natural as they are areas that are usually built up during the construction phase from the excess soil from the ground works; therefore can be prone to settling.

I imagine you have already strolled around with hands on hips trying to see what is going on, this time go extra slow paced, carefully inspect the edges. Firstly start with the pond, walking the perimeter, then carefully look over the water fall stream area. As the soil starts to settle it can create a lower spot and in turn dropping the liner slightly letting water escape. Keep a look out for wetter areas of soil, or top dressings like bark or gravel, it could even be a really sodden area. If you are successful with your investigations and you notice a lower area, simply lift the liner if possible and push some soil under; raising up the edge. Before you jump with joy, and say problem solved continue to carry on looking to ensure you have not missed anywhere!

It isn’t a low edge, what else could it be??

There are a couple of other possibilities, could it be water splashing out of your waterfall?

This water fall could be loosing water through excess splashing

This water fall could be loosing water through excess splashing

The fix: A splash leak is as simple as slightly re-jigging and adjusting the stones in the area you think is the cause of the excess splashing. This will hopefully contain and or redirect the water stopping your splash leak, cheap and easy way to solve with a little of knowledge...

OR in some cases it could be water travelling underneath the slip stone (the stone before it enters the pond) and back underneath to soil.

If the area has not be prepared properly and insufficient liner used, water could go back on the direction of the waterfall and percolate into the adjacent soil.

I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! But I cannot find the reason for the water level to drop?!

If you have got this far then I am sorry to say that you most likely have a hole in your pond liner.

There are six holes in this liner! All within a few cm of each other... 

There are six holes in this liner! All within a few cm of each other... 

Not ideal, I know, and the odds are against you.  A wise man once said to me it is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack... but with leaky liners you don’t actually know how many holes you are looking for!

The possibilities of where the leak could occur are seemingly endless, and a lot of the time it is very time consuming. At this stage if all the mechanical aspects (pumps etc) of your pond or water feature are turned off (if you are able to leave them off, in some circumstances you may not be able to due to extreme weather etc) then leave them off for 24/48 hours and note how far it goes down. If the level stabilises then just MAYBE that is the level of your problem!

If you’ve got to this stage you probably need a professional pond builder to help you out and fix the issue.

So how is your water feature looking, are you happy with the overall appearance of it?

Poorly Pond in need of some attention!

Poorly Pond in need of some attention!


Contact us and please have some basic information ready. We will ask questions to find out the health of your water feature and in most circumstances we will ask for some photographs of the pond, so we can see what you are seeing!


Unattractive & Lifeless Preformed Pond

Unattractive & Lifeless Preformed Pond



Please ensure you have answers to questions like these:

  • What size is your water feature, including the length, width and depth if known.
  • When did it start happening and how long has it been going on for?
  • How often do you have to fill it up?
  • Roughly how much water do you think it goes down by in 24 hrs?
  • Have you tried the pump test?
  • Are there any sodden/wetter patches anywhere?
  • Do you have a bubble/s in the liner?
  • Are you considering having it rebuilt?
  • Do you have a budget in mind for your problems to be fixed?