Ornamental Fountainscapes

An assortment of Basalt Columns 

An assortment of Basalt Columns 

Fountainscapes are much underrated here in the UK, they are an exceptional and artistic way to enhance any outdoor living space adding a whole new sensory experience to your garden. A water feature provides the soothing sound of splashing water and are pretty much ideal for anyone’s garden. A fountainscape whether it is a small babbling stone or a large ornate feature can transform an ordinary space into a true focal point, with the restorative sounds and hypnotic movements of water. They will attract wildlife, providing a valuable drinking source to birds and refuge for many other species.

Decorative fountains are a great addition when a client does not want a pond or may be cannot afford one. They can be grande features or they can be delicate and quaint -

DU Waterscapes covers all scales and budgets.

Everyone has an area of the garden where nothing will grow or even a horrid shady area where grass is struggling; well, good news, this is the perfect location for a fountain scape. We can guarantee it will add excitement and interest to that once dull area of your garden!

Water Fountains 

Duck Island with adjcent Foaming Jet

Duck Island with adjcent Foaming Jet

There is nothing else you could add to a larger body of water that will quite have the same impact as a water fountain, there are so many different types some that shoot up a single foaming jet, others that create the traditional multi-jet effect and even some that spin/ rotate around creating a moving 3D fountain!

The soothing sound of splashing water from a fountain coupled with some state-of-the-art LED lighting, would create a dancing effect in the middle of your larger pond or lake; what a truly amazing spectacle that would be!

Floating fountains are well suited to larger ponds and lakes where the water is too deep for a standard series submersible pump or maybe it is a natural pond with a heavy silt load. Floating fountains will rise and fall with the water level ensuring it never leaves your pump high and dry. They are breath taking and can have a huge impact to any area, switched on and off at your discretion and have very little maintenance. ­­

It can be baffling searching for what type of fountain to add to your waterscape, as well as what size pump among all the other technical information. Leave that to us, please contact us with your ideas and we will endeavour to bring your water body to life.