Infamous Green Water

Green water is never a good sign, our clients in North Petherton contacted DU Waterscapes as they had tried everything and were growing upset with such issues – they wanted to enjoy their pond!

There are many factors that can contribute to green water issues, and here at DU Waterscapes, we have a wealth of knowledge to solve these!

Our hotel for fish was erected once more and the ponds residents were checked in!

Inadequate filtration and time lead to large sediment build up (In this case, over half the ponds actual depth!), DU Waterscapes got out the big guns and with our specialist equipment got both ponds squeaky clean!

Some of the old filtration sponges were added to the new filtration system, this upgraded system was installed to combat the various problems facing this water features design. Please note; DU Waterscapes recommends avoiding replacing all filtration media at once – this is to ensure a good balance of beneficial bacteria within the ponds system, for any enquiries please call us on 07768896659.

Good, old fashioned, elbow grease was used to bring the slate edging back to its former glory. The overgrown aquatic plants were given new (bigger!) pots and new specimens were added as agreed upon by the clients.

Once both ponds were re-filled and correct aeration times met, the fish were re-introduced. Our clients were delighted that they could finally relax and enjoy watching their beloved pets swimming around happily.