Educational ecosystem pond

Taunton, Somerset 

An exciting opportunity came about through one of our local primary schools who had seen our website and had decided we were the company for them!

Before we got on the case!

Before we got on the case!

The design brief was to create an outside classroom for the children to learn about our native environment through a lottery funded grant. Creating such a unique experience was particularly exciting for Dan, our lead designer, whose childhood memories were filled with pond dips, fishing and having an avid fascination with all things water.

The old pond was tired and hadn’t had a filtration system running for some time due to a leak that was never found. Some large boulders that were already situated at the back of the feature were incorporated into the design, no one knew how they got there and it was impossible to remove them!

Upon further inspection the ground underneath was concrete and hardcore, making it difficult to reshape, this meant the shape of the feature had to stay largely the same and therefore the planting pockets and shelves had to be created within the pond.

A more naturalistic water feature was created, with a wonderful little damp area for frogs to live in (a frog den!) as well as a fish cave and of course a waterfall, to create that wonderful soundscape this courtyard lacked previously.

We also added some large flat rocks to the front of the water feature so as the children would be able to sit and interact at a better level. We invited the children to witness the unveiling and what a sight it was! With cries of ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’ and the reactions on their little faces gave us joy - hopefully inspiring the next generation to care for our native wildlife, our waterways and keeping nature close to their hearts and minds.