Ecosystem pond & cascading waterfall

Nether Stowey, Somerset

Overgrown fibreglass pond needing DU Waterscapes help!

Overgrown fibreglass pond needing DU Waterscapes help!

We were called in to an inherited overgrown fibreglass pond that was tired and old, the clients had already see one of our display features and suggested to us that a rebuild was in order to bring the pond up-to-date and also add that extra special bespoke feel to their garden. Currently the pond was overgrown and very murky.

The brief was to create the sound of water with a small cascading falls dropping into a pond for the clients enjoyment as well as their fish. For this we used the slope of the garden to our advantage and created a tumbling falls, rebuilt the pond and added a fish cave for their safety in case any predators decided to come and visit now the water was clear and fish easier to see! Of course lights were added too elongate the hours the clients could enjoy their new feature, lights make the water dance its way down the falls, a great addition. 

This unique, one of a kind creation gave us a lot fun in bringing to life and it always equally joyful to witness the smiles on our clients faces when they realise that water can be clear, fish can be seen and an aquatic ecosystem can thrive with the right touches.