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The Story So Far...

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My name is Dan and I have always had a keen fascination for wildlife, in particular ponds, wetland areas and those amazing little aquatic creatures in and around them.

At 7 years old, I remember being mesmerised by the goldfish in my father’s pond, watching them circle slowly, breach for food and interact with each other. I soon learnt that frogspawn meant spring was on its way, what flowers bud first and how to care for our slice of nature.

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I remember seeing my first newt! What a sight the tiny fella was, flashing through the water to gulp air before returning to the depths. I recall searching for toads and other amphibians during the summer months and learning about their life cycle.

My desire to learn more about aquatic life, especially fish, persisted throughout my teenage years until it became apparent that my career was going to be based around the aquatic environment.  The caring and restoring of these natural habitats for these creatures to call home was the driver to further develop my skills and knowledge at an academic level.

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From this simple pastime of a young boy playing in the mud and going on fun expeditions to find creatures of all shapes and sizes (even the leeches and larvae!) to a man who is passionate about creating and maintaining these unique pockets of nature that are so often overlooked these days.

Upon reaching University I found that our native wetland and aquatic habitats are decreasing at an alarming rate. A BSc in Aquatic Zoology and a Masters specialising in aquatic habitat management and restoration, provided me with the necessary knowledge and in depth understanding to create and maintain safe havens for a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial species; both plants and animals!

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Thus DU Waterscapes was born, inspired by nature for nature. With a keen awareness, expertise and a drive to always learn, I am keen to bring this traditional industry into the 21st century with fore-fronting designs and new technologies.

DU Waterscapes provides innovative and unique ponds & water features for the client that would relish the opportunity to have a piece of nature in their own garden.

Accreditation and Professional Bodies:

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