A disappearing waterfall is a great low maintenance addition to your landscape

Disappearing Waterfall

Disappearing water features are simply a re-circulating waterfall and or stream without the presence of a pond, so you can enjoy the sight and sound of tumbling water without having to have the maintenance of a larger body of water.

If you are lacking space but have always wanted a water feature, then a natural looking disappearing waterfall is the way to go! Although, saying that, they can be as large as your imagination wants. These can be a great addition to an entrance way adding a grand feel to your property. They can even be situated right next to your favourite patio to bring you the tranquil sounds of water and still encourage some wildlife to your garden.

There are several factors why disappearing water features are great:

Small Disappearing Waterfall

Safety - As there is not pool of water, it makes it a great addition if you are concerned about the issues with a traditional pond ie young children, pets, etc.

Cost – Is always a big influencing factor when considering any type of water feature. In most cases a disappearing water feature is less than a typical pond as there is less labour involved as well as rocks and other materials. Not to mention the operating costs are less, as you are able to turn it on and off at your will due to it not being a functioning ecosystem like an ecosystem pond.

Space - A disappearing water feature can be a very small meaning you can pretty much enjoy one anywhere in your outdoor space even in a small court yard garden.

Maintenance- Looking after a disappearing waterfall is easy, you may need to fill the basin up every few weeks in the warmer months due to evaporation but that is basically it!

If you would like more information about disappearing water features please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will endeavor to bring you the oasis of your dreams.