The Cottage Garden Pond with a Twist

DU Waterscapes came to the aid of our clients in Quantoxhead and were presented with the initial redesign and restoration of an overgrown and forgotten pond.

The clients brief was to construct a pond and some form of water feature to fit into a cottage garden that had several pieces of local quirky art as focal points. We undertook the preliminary consultation and came up with a bespoke pond and water feature design to standout within this unique setting.

Firstly, the old pond was removed, the wildlife and plants within this pond were well looked after however, in our smaller holding facility.

We at DU Waterscapes decided to keep the original location of the pond and so we redesigned the ‘hole in the ground’ to incorporate new shelving and a better depth to ensure the aquatic life room to multiply.

As the new liner was being installed our delivery of rockery slate arrived (we get excited at this stage!) meaning the pond and water feature could then be built.

A beach area was designed and constructed and our bespoke water feature created with a gentle water bubbling effect that danced from the top and down the sides (a fantastic touch that really catches the light on sunny days!).

The client had chosen the plants previous to our consultation and DU Waterscapes had no problem incorporating these, they were re-potted and placed carefully as the pond filled up.

After some finishing touches the pump was turned on and the build was revealed to yet another happy client!