Back yard babbling brook

Trull, Somerset 

Before DU Waterscapes arrived

Before DU Waterscapes arrived

Our clients were in the middle of renovating their garden when they called us to enquire about adding a water feature to a barren area of the back garden. 

They were quite unsure of what they wanted, they just knew it had to be water of some kind with minimal maintenance, a fantastic blank canvas for our designers to ‘paint’.

A consultation and lots of questions later we were sure we had what they wanted in our minds; a disappearing stream and falls with the very gentle sound of water to mask the road noises from the distance.

A quaint little stepping stone bridge was added over the stream to draw you across the stream to sit by a summer house, a perfect spot for the evening sun, G and T’s anyone? A planting scheme based on grasses and minimal maintenance was drawn up to give depth and height to this fantastic disappearing stream and falls, the sound of the water trickling gently gave the perfect soundscape to this corner plot.