A Magical Fairyland Stream

DU Waterscapes were contacted via a distressed client after work on her garden had gone wrong.

We wasted no time in going out there to assess the situation, sadly the garden had been left in a mess and nowhere near the fantasy scape our client had wished for.

We at DU Waterscapes aim to make our clients dreams come true so, with eager hands, we set upon the task to create this magical fairyland waterscape with a stream and small pool to attract frogs.

The proposed site was cleared and tidied, the earth carved to create the stream bed and pools.  Slowly, the design came together, the stones were carefully selected and balanced, giving the effect of a miniature mystical river with a gorge like mountain-scape for the fairies to explore and the frogs to bathe.

Some of the fairies (and their amphibious friends) favourite plants and flowers were chosen to decorate their new home. The client had given us a generous assortment of fairy doors, mushrooms and houses to finish the look, these were positioned amongst the water feature to give the miniature oasis a truly homely feel, welcoming any who might fly by.

We adored creating this unique and magical piece and were more than happy to help a client in need.